Designed for pre-school, elementary and middle school-aged children

Academic, Social, or Therapeutic/Behavioral interventions

Our After-School Programs are designed to provide specific interventions, therapies and remediation required to address your child’s individual needs. We offer 3 different program options:

  1. Academic: Remediate academic weaknesses (individual tutoring and/or reading remediation)
  2. Social: Improve social communication and develop appropriate social skills (social skills group, music and art group therapy)
  3. Therapeutic: Individual or small group therapy sessions (May include a combination of ABA therapy, psychotherapy or play therapy, music and art therapy)

Team building activities will be presented each day in the social and therapeutic tracks to address the following areas of concern:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Problem-solving issues
  • Attention seeking behavior
  • Self-awareness
  • Social Intelligence
  • Social communication
  • Pragmatic language
  • Behavioral & mood difficulties

Academic Tutoring/Remediation is available for subject area tutoring, organizational/study strategy skills, homework assistance, basic reading and math, or intensive reading remediation for those children requiring a more specialized program.Program will be held Monday thru Friday 3 PM – 5 PM daily.

Saturday Enrichment Camp

Our Saturday Enrichment Camp will provide children with social skills group, music therapy, art therapy and structured enrichment activities which promote skill building, learning and independence. The program is designed to teach and promote appropriate socialization with peers, improve social communication and develop problem-solving skills. Children will be grouped according to age and skill level.

Should a more intensive program be required, we can provide individualized therapy before, as part of, or following our Camp program. This includes: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), individual music or art therapy, individual tutoring or play therapy.


  • Camp will take place at our Center located at 450 N Park Road, Suite 400, Hollywood, FL 33021
  • Hours: 10 AM – 1:30 PM every Saturday

To Register or Inquire: Contact

Winter and Spring Break Programs

Therapeutic Enrichment and Social Skill Development

This intensive social skills program incorporates therapy, music, art, drama, movement, academic enrichment and behavior, to develop and improve skills in areas of communication, friendship and problem-solving.

Program participants will take part in three small group interventions each day, consisting of music therapy, art therapy, theatre/drama, social skills/play therapy, and life skills training.

Each activity is designed to promote development of social communication skills (turn-taking, reciprocity, perspective taking, body language recognition) while fostering resiliency and promoting independence. Lessons will include inviting a friend to play, making friends, coping with conflict, complimenting others, initiating a conversation and topic maintenance.

Active outdoor play time and activities will take place at the local Park (whether permitting).

STAFF: Program facilitators and group leaders are licensed therapists, behaviorists and special education teachers with experience in developmental delays, ESE, and autism related diagnosis.

Summer Enrichment Camp

At Cadenza Center, we provide the academic framework and therapeutic components necessary to meet the social, physical, intellectual, emotional, and developmental needs of each individual child.

Our Summer Camp program will encompass:


Our Specialty Camp is designed for children needing a customized Summer program to address their individual needs and improve their skills. Each child will participate in a variety of therapeutic and enrichment activities throughout the day. This includes Music, Art, Movement and Drama.

Social skills groups will be held throughout the day to promote social communication skills (turn taking, reciprocity, body language recognition) while fostering resiliency and promoting independence.

Organized outdoor activities (at the local park) will be part of the child’s camp experience. This will allow free play, socialization and group interaction.


Individual tutoring, school readiness, and/or individual therapies are available should more intensive, one-on-one remediation be recommended.