The Interview

To begin treatment, a licensed clinician conducts an in-depth clinical interview to review history of the presenting problem, current symptoms and functioning, identify treatment priorities, and determine a plan of treatment. When the client is a child under the age of 15, we ask to meet with parents or caregivers only during the first session.

To ensure the best possible care, please bring copies of past evaluations, doctor and therapist contact information, school-related documents (i.e., standardized test scores, IEP’s, teacher conference notes), list of current medications, and any relevant medical records.

Our Services

We offer a full range of psychological, behavioral and educational services, including:

Fees and Insurance Options

FEES are due at time of service. As a courtesy to all clients, we will check benefits, obtain pre-authorization and submit the claim. Some of our clinicians are “IN NETWORK” for select insurance panels. We will contact your insurance company to determine if you meet the criteria to utilize those benefits.