Our staff is available to present for workshops and presentations for parent groups, schools, therapy agencies, community organizations and private facilities. Our presentations are appropriate for in-service trainings for teachers, medical staff, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, mental health counsellors, and other professionals. Our workshops are both didactic and interactive, and they can be experiential in nature. We tailor our presentations to the specific needs of the audience. Minimum time requirement for any presentation is 90 minutes. Some of the presentation topics include the following:

Learning Challenges and Child Development Issues

  • Aspergers – Signs, symptoms, and strategies
  • Why and When to recommend evaluation
  • Social Skills and appropriate interactions with peers
  • Behavioral issues in school and in the home
  • Kindergarten Readiness and transitioning issues
  • Effective Parenting (while dealing with separation and divorce}
  • Recognizing “red-flags” in child development
  • ADHD – Living with ADHD and taking control

Music Therapy Workshops

Music Therapy for:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Communication & Language Development
  • Social Skill Development
  • Joint Attention Development
  • Medical Patients

Music Therapy in the Classroom

  • Music Therapy Goals & I.E.P.’s
  • Music Therapy Consultations

Music Psychotherapy

  • Overview of Music Psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic Songwriting
  • Using Songs in Psychotherapy
  • Guided Music Imagery
  • Music Psychotherapy with Adolescents
  • Music Video Therapy for Adolescent Juvenile Offenders
  • Rock Shop

Music and Wellness

  • Music-Assisted Relaxation Training
  • Music-Facilitated Stress Reduction
  • Music Therapy & Pain Management
  • Music & Imagery Techniques
  • Music Therapy in the Medical Setting

Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy for:

  • Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Children of Divorce
  • Children Who Have  Experienced  Grief & Loss
  • Children Who Have Experienced Trauma
  • Parents/Caretakers of Special Needs Children

Art Therapy in the School:

  • Introduction to Art Therapy for Staff Development
  • Art Therapy Goals & I.E.P. ‘s
  • Art Therapy & Language Development
  • Art  Therapy Dyads & Small Groups for Social Development
  • Art Therapy Consultations


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